Extreme sports at its best

Last Sunday a bunch of wave sailors from Kristiansand and Arendal went to Lista. It was forecast to be around 16 m/s and 2,5-3,0 meter waves combined with 10 degrees and a clear blue sky.

Tim(Black tip), Inge (orange), Filip (white and blue), Benjamin (orange and blu), Linda (photographer) and me (white) went to bed just a tiny bit earlier on Saturday to be able to leave early in the morning. I think a lot of you guys out there haven`t experienced the joy you get from a weekend like this. Full speed on the social life in the evening, but staying away from alcohol and getting up early in the morning to do extreme sports. You get filled with energy and a good conscience. It is worth testing! Monday morning feels as light as air.

Finally I got to test some of my new gear from www.srfsnosk8.no, and it was a amazing. Got to test the C-skin wet suit, 4,7 and 4,2 HERO from North Sails. First of all, the wet suite is perfect! Not freezing at all, even in 3 degrees water. A bit difficult to get in and out of it, but you`ll get the hang of it. Not pricey at all.

But the sails on the other hand. They were totally awesome. Didn`t think I was going to say this, but felt like my wave sailing improved a lot just during the first session. They are more than stable enough to relax in strong winds, and releases power so fast that lay down gybes will be easier than ever.

Enough sad this time about the equipment. Enjoy the pictures Linda shot (check out her web page for awesome photos!), and you are welcome to get both motivated and envious 😉




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