Easter wave sailing

Påskeharen varpet tidlig i år! PC og Robert var akkurat ferdig når vi ankom, så jeg hadde bølgene helt til meg selv i 1 time før vi måtte kjøre videre til Jæren. For en drøm!

Deilig å se at det forsatt er litt utvikling. I starten tok det litt tid før jeg innså at jeg seilte motsatt av settene. Når jeg ble litt varmere i trøya og begynte å kikke dypere inn i bølgene fant jeg plutselig settene. Utrolig moro å charge mot leppa på bølgene, men klubbavgiften til aerials er visst satt på en lang og tung nedbetalingsplan… Landet med hofta på finnene. Godt jeg ikke var på Hawaii uten en 6 mm våtdrakt.

Ha en god påske alle sammen!

(For you guys that want to learn, I’ve put some self learned tips over some of the pics)

Easter bunny laid egg early this year! PC and Robert finished the same minute we arrived so I had the waves all to myself for 1 hour before we needed to drive to Jæren. What a dream!

It’s comforting to see that there is still some development. In the beginning it took some time to realize that I was sailing opposite to the sets. When I got warmer and started to relax I started focus a bit deeper into the wave and suddenly I started to find the sets. Incredible fun charging the lip, but the aerial club fee is set to a long and heavy down payment plan… Landed with the hip on the fins. Good thing I wasn’t sailing in Hawaii without a 6 mm wet suit.

Have a great Easter everybody!

(For you guys that want to learn, I’ve put some self learned tips over some of the pics)


Try to stay in the top of the wave, aka. in the pocket. Don’t just rush to the bottom right away. It will give you more control. Easier to time the wave or go for the exit. Finding your self in the bottom of a bigger set is the worst thing you can do…8E5A9928

Try timing the bottom turn. I usually run away a bit to quick. Wait for it. PS, my hip is to far back on this one also.8E5A99548E5A98338E5A98388E5A9850

Be sure to move your hands close to the harness line before the top turn. One thing I’m doing wrong time after time is to not push my hip enough forward. Even this one is a bit to passive and leaned back.8E5A98688E5A98808E5A9882

Never let go of the rig. Even if it means taking it for a spin.8E5A9905

If you can. Try to lift the rig out of the water and over the wave when it comes crashing down on you.8E5A99028E5A99038E5A9963

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