Possibilities and prices

You can either find a planned lesson on our facebookpage or if you are more than 4 people you can decide time and place!

Base price is 890 nok pr. pers. including rental and instruction for 2-3 hours.
Expert instruction without rental is only 790 nok pr. pers. for 2-3 hours.
FRIEND DISCOUNT. If you bring a friend along to join the lesson and to share one rig together, you both get 90 kr. off the price. Total 800 kr. pr. pers.
For the other possibilities please contact me for details and offers. Vegard.t.t@gmail.com.

Gift cards:
Give your dad, sister, uncle, best friend or your worst enemy a gift card! Only 890 kr. pr. pers. Please contact me for details on vegard.t.t@gmail.com.

Beginners lesson:
Windsurfing rental and instruction for beginners. 890 kr. pr. pers. Book your self onto a course now on https://www.facebook.com/WindsurfingkursKristiansand/.

Expert lessons:
Instruction for intermediate and experts. No rental, only instruction. 790 kr. pr. pers. Learn to gybe, water start, duck gybe, wave sailing, and lots more! I assure you, if you don’t learn something useful we have satisfaction guarantee. Get your money back if the lesson is useless.

Summer parties:
Make your party the SUMMER PARTY OF 2018. I’ll bring the riggs in my surfer van where ever the party is and maybe bring the tandem kayak along with them. Full of energy and motivation Vegard will the correct mood into the party! Contact me for an offer. Vegard.t.t@gmail.com.

Bachelor and bachelorette parties:
Give the bride or brides mate a sporty experience on the water! We can take up to 8-12 people at the time. Please contact me for more information. Vegard.t.t@gmail.com.

Company days and excursions:
How about having a set of windsurf gear lying around the summer party? We are mobile with the surfer van and will give your company day or excursion a real energy boost! Please contact me for more information. Vegard.t.t@gmail.com.